duration: two hours60.5
select six canapés,
nine pieces will be served per person

duration: three hours75.5
select eight canapés and one grazing dish,
ten canapés will be served per person

duration: four hours97
select nine canapés, two grazing dishes & one sweet item,
twelve canapés will be served per person
also includes on arrival nibbles

duration: five hours120
select nine canapés, two grazing dishes & two sweet items,
twelve canapés will be served per person
also includes on arrival nibbles & tapas bar


included with the four & five hour packages only

a variety of specialties placed around the room including cheese twists, mixed spiced nuts, white bean & truffle puree, free range prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, green olive tapanade & marinated yellingbo manzanilla & blonde kalamata olives

from the sea

hot smoked huon salmon crêpe

dill crêpe, sautéed wild mushroom, mascarpone


soy cured trout

toasted sesame seeds, avocado & pickled radish


spanner crab & pawpaw crisp

crisp cassava cracker, queensland spanner crab, chilli jam, lime, palm sugar dressing (gluten friendly)

lime marinated bermagui tuna

diced sweet pickled cucumber, crispy seaweed (gluten friendly)

from the farm

coconut poached free range chicken rice paper roll

julienne cucumber, red capsicum, celery, vietnamese mint, coriander mayonnaise dipping sauce


limestone coast corned beef sandwich

pickles, coleslaw, dijon, swiss gruyere & dark rye


chilli spiced quail

fresh coconut, lime sambal (gluten friendly)


crispy free range chicken

green chilli, shallot, mint & avocado & lime salsa served in betel leaf 

herbed polenta chips

topped with capsicum, smoked olive tapenade (v) (gluten friendly) 


butternut pumpkin tuile

smoky pumpkin & goat’s cheese mousse (v)


roasted beetroot tart

whipped meredith goats curd & spiced walnuts (v)

from the field

herbed polenta chips

topped with capsicum, smoked olive tapenade (v) (gluten friendly) 


butternut pumpkin tuile

smoky pumpkin & goat’s cheese mousse (v)


roasted beetroot tart

whipped meredith goats curd & spiced walnuts (v)

from the sea

char grilled spencer gulf prawn tails

avocado & sour cream dipping sauce (gluten friendly)


mini port lincoln kingfish taco

shredded iceberg lettuce, chipotle mayonnaise, diced tomato & jalapeño



kaffir lime baked wild blue eye fishcakes

spring onion, shallot & coriander salsa & palm sugar caramel (gluten friendly)

from the farm

southern fried chicken katsu burger

cabbage slaw, pineapple, kewpie mayonnaise, bbq sauce in a soft buttermilk roll


twice cooked pork belly  

pickled daikon, hoisin sauce in a steamed bun


meatball slider

molten buffalo mozzarella & napoli in a soft brioche roll


aussie beef pie

house made tomato sauce




melted cheddar cheese, pickle, tomato relish in a sesame topped brioche bun


cumin & coriander chicken quesadilla

smoky paprika, tomato, grilled corn salsa, avocado cream 


crispy duck drumette

chilli salt, red chilli nahm jim


cola & bbq glazed lamb spare ribs

served on natural yoghurt


house made chicken gravy bomb

served with melted gruyere cheese  

from the field

golden potato croquette

braised pinto beans, red onion, smoked jalapeño, coriander (v)


spinach, lemon & ricotta parcel

sesame pastry & yoghurt (v) 

falafel pita pocket

danny’s famous hommus, tabouli & lemon scented yoghurt (v)


beetroot sliders

pan fried haloumi, chilli jam in a soft wholemeal roll (v)

these items can be served in conjunction with canapes to create a more substantial menu. served over a longer period of time, these dishes are served in little boxes, bowls or on small plates. per person, per grazing dish 9.5

korean spiced chicken

fried silken tofu, pickled mustard, coriander, sweet soy sauce, crushed peanuts, spring onion & kimchi mayonnaise (gluten friendly)


free range chicken tikka masala

roasted cashews, minted yoghurt, spring onion salad, steamed basmati rice (gluten friendly)


pan fried truffle gnocchi

tomato concasse, sautéed mushrooms, toasted pepitas & shaved grana padano cheese (v)


honey & cinnamon roasted wimmera duck

roasted eggplant, caramelised pumpkin, watercress, walnut & pomegranate sauce (gluten friendly)


cleansing salad

red & white cabbage, carrot, broccoli, fennel, avocado & toasted walnuts, turmeric & honey dressing (v) (gluten friendly)


persian style lamb kofta

pine nut, apricot & date stuffing, spring herbs, tomato, yoghurt sauce (gluten friendly)


basil pesto & wilted spinach risotto

served with yarra valley persian fetta & shaved grana padano (v) (gluten friendly)


beer battered flathead fillets

salt & malt vinegar chips, red cabbage, carrot & spring onion salad

$6 per person, per item

portuguese custard tart

kaffir lime, cinnamon cream


coffee panna cotta

vanilla mousse, mocha mascarpone cream & oreo biscuit  

strawberries & cream

strawberry kisses, berry gel & toasted coconut granola




warm rhubarb & pear crumble

calvados cream, crisp mint leaves


chocolate cremeux

gingerbread cake, coconut cream, raspberry gel & chocolate soil


rose water custard

macerated berries, chopped pistachio   

$6 per person

espresso coffee

inner circle organic fairtrade coffee and hot chocolate prepared by our barista and a selection of tea drop teas selection, served with house made miniature petit fours

minimum 100 guests only available in conjunction with a cocktail package price per person

pizza bar                                                                                                           16

house made pizza with various toppings including


  • margherita - fresh vine ripened tomato, shaw river buffalo mozzarella, basil (v)
  • kipfler potato, roasted red peppers, fresh thyme, pyengana cheddar (v)
  • caramelised onion, gippsland blue cheese, pine nuts, spinach (v)
  • istra chorizo, chargrilled pumpkin, rocket pesto (gluten friendly)
  • chargrilled globe artichoke, spinach, smoked scamorza (v)
  • brie, raspberry, candied pecans, honey (v)
  • chocolate ganache, house made biscuit crumbs, vanilla glaze (v) 



argentinian bbq                                                                                                  25

char grilled pieces of chorizo sausage, marinated beef ribs & pork belly all served off the bbq with warm bread rolls, sweet corn salsa, house made chimichurri & hot sauce


paella pan                                                                                                       18

gambas y chorizo – spencer gulf prawns & istra chorizo sausage, baked with saffron rice & spices using traditional paella pans brought out to wow your guests with this colourful combination, all amongst regional specialties of spain – olive oil, oranges, smoked paprika & quince paste (gluten friendly)


tapas bar                                                                                                          19

earthy and colourful tapas bar with moody lamp lighting, earthenware dishes with a range of tapas to ignite your palate

  • stuffed fried olives
  • salted blue eye croquettes with roasted garlic aioli
  • char grilled local octopus with coriander and chilli (gluten friendly)
  • crisped chorizo glazed with apple cider (gluten friendly)
  • pot roasted ground meatballs in tomato with smoked paprika (gluten friendly)
  • roasted red peppers (gluten friendly)

moroccan tagine bar                                                                                          23

spicy mouth-watering tagines & fragrant couscous served from traditional tagine pots, with colourful exotic spices & fresh mint


  • murray valley lamb & prune tagine
  • pumpkin, green bean & eggplant tagine (v)
  • herbed couscous, spiced quinoa & minted yoghurt (v)



ceviche & oyster bar                                                                                          23

south american inspired oyster & ceviche bar featuring freshly shucked tasmanian oysters with a variety of accompaniments and the freshest ceviche and tiradito, sliced at the bar & lightly cured including:


  • ceviche de yucatan – port lincoln hiramasa kingfish, lime & coconut, coriander, mint & serrano chilli
  • huon salmon tiradito, avocado, citrus segments, fragrant herbs, green chillies, crisp shallots
  • bermagui yellow fin tuna, lightly seared, lemon & lime segments, garlic chips & jalapeño, lime & coconut dressing (gluten friendly)



peking duck                                                                                                      25

witness making one of the most classic dishes in the world – see our chinese chefs expertly portion the crisp roast ducks to order & wrap them in fine crepes with crisp vegetables, spring onions & sweet hoisin sauce


If any of your guests have particular dietary requirements, please advise us as soon as possible prior to your event.


Due to the seasonal nature of this menu, some items may not always be available. While we will endeavour to provide your desired selection, we may need to make substitutions from time to time.

  • (gluten friendly)indicates no gluten has been intentionally added*
  • (nut friendly)indicates no nuts have been intentionally added*
  • (v)vegetarian (may contain egg, dairy products
    and/or honey)
  • (vg)vegan (contains no animal products)

*although this dish is prepared with gluten or nut-free products, we cannot guarantee it is 100% gluten or nut-free as the dish is prepared in kitchens that also use gluten products and nuts.